December 23, 2014 HeforShe

Today I ate a HUGE plate of pasta (with Trader Joe’s microwave Bolognese sauce) at home (admittedly with some Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia Froyo)… Then from 5:15ish to 6ish pm I swam 50 lengths of one of the university pools (the small one). Soon I will begin to post my swim workouts…

But then after dinner (chicken and rice), I watched UN Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson‘s HeforShe speech. I had not seen it before. It was beautiful and it’s not exaggerating to say it changed my life.

Gender equality is something I will study in greater detail. But before tackling political, economic, and social inequality around the world, my humble mind will start with a simple example:

asking a girl out

Now in the U.S. of A., it seems like men often make the first move. Can a woman who wears makeup or dresses in an alluring way be a feminist? Is feminism prudish or sexy? I am here to tell you that a man can be a feminist too.

That’s why I took the HeforShepledge.

About Me

Hey my name is Aaron. Welcome to my blog! This blog chronicles my life. I find that writing an honest open personal blog helps to keep me focused and motivated.

These diary pages are really about my journey to impress a girl who never seems to notice me. I cannot reveal the identity of this girl until she finally makes her choice.

“In a chance encounter with a girl at an airport, a man glimpses for one moment a life of love and happiness. Then she gets lost in the crowds and he never sees her again.”

For me, if it comes to letting her go…that’s completely alright. When Taylor Swift can’t find love, she just “shakes it off.”

Speaking of Taylor, both of us LOVE Taylor Swift. So this blog will be part Taylor-Swift-fan-page.

“Marry Me Juliet” is lyrics from Taylor Swift’s song “Lovestory.” I have my first-ever ticket to see her concert:

STAPLES CENTER Wednesday 8/26/2015 7:30pm Section PR 12 Row 12 Seat 15

I LOVE her new album 1989. However, while I welcome change, my hope is that Taylor will believe in “lovestories” once more.

One day, I hope to meet Taylor.

If you have Taylor Swift fan content I can post or personal advice, please share and email me at:


In the mean time…I will begin to post my story…please stay tuned.