I hate that Taylor is telling everyone how her old love will never go out of style. The right guy will MAKE IT GO OUT OF STYLE until she wonders HOW SHE WAS EVER INTO THAT STUPID STYLE IN THE FIRST PLACE. With ______, I will do just that. Don’t take this the wrong way, I am a Swiftie true blue BUT “Style” is the one song on 1989, I absolutely CANNOT STAND because it’s the story of “Mr. Right Now” beating “Mr. Right” (or to quote Sugarland, “Mr. Forever”). And the Mr. Right Now in the song sure as hell sounds a lot like Harry Styles. (Taylor won’t reveal whom “Style” is about but even if it WEREN’T about Harry Styles, the song title reminds me of him over and over and over again. That’s worse than if the song WERE actually about him.)

February 7, 2015

I have accidentally come across some people who don’t like Bruno Mars’ by now old song “Grenade.”

In the song, Bruno says he would endure unfathomably great sacrifice for her…and the woman acts like Bruno’s deep devoted feelings are simply an addition to her toy chest. Understandably, Bruno is mad. Question: What is the greatest sacrifice a man could be asked to endure for his love?

Answer: remaining faithful to her for the rest of his life (and longer if possible) That’s why marriages are so sacred.


I’d catch a grenade for you   Throw my hand on a blade for you                      I’d jump in front of a train for you                             You know I’d do anything for you

Oh, I would go through all this pain

Take a bullet straight through my brain

Yes, I would die for you, baby

But you won’t do the same


Notice how grenades, blades, and guns are all short term. What Bruno doesn’t seem to understand is that there is a line of other men who will tell her the exact same thing and sing her the same song.

More impressive would be if Bruno were able to keep his dream bright, even if that means into old age. By then that “line of other men” will have long given up.




January 25, 2015


In the past three weeks, I did awful despicable things too horrendous to mention in case a simple child should read this (Don’t worry…I’m exaggerating but it’s just that I feel like ______ is so out of my league and this makes me sad. And when I’m sad, I neglect my blog and don’t take care of myself properly)… But once upon a dream, a fairy said all will be forgiven if I make a promise:

swim to the other side of the world

but forget about the girl…


I am going to chase the olympic dream and I am not going to do it for a girl. I am going to do it for me…But at the end of the day…

What good is loving a woman from the top of a mountain without the woman loving me from the bottom of her heart?

Today I have made the decision to either love ________ or grow old single and alone until the day I die.


January 5, 2015

Well it’s back to school today…I have “swimming, stretching, studying, eating, sleeping, listening to music” on repeat. Twitter @giraffemailbox is now my personal class note depository…so in case I lose my notes they will still be there.


When I was little, I fell into the apartment pool fully clothed. A family friend (bless his heart) made sure I was okay and safe…Now I am a proud seasonal lifeguard. Then, half a year ago, I accidentally fell in again (different pool)! One time ______ fell in the pool fully clothed too! I wish we could fall in together…and not just into a pool.

I want to make _____ laugh and smile. Two of my favorite comedic Taylor swift personnas are Samantha Samuels from SNL and “minnesota soccer mom,” from a UK radio show, oh and Natalie Benson from Ew, oh and “Taylor with a Y” from my fav tv show Kitty’s Corner…But although I’ve never seen the Lorax yet (!!!), I can relate to Ted in his search of a simple tree. Because my Audrey is undisputedly Taylor Swift’s #1 fan, I will make sure she (not I) gets to meet Taylor Swift. I assure the reader a clever plan is being concocted (but if anyone has any ideas I would love for him/her to share).


January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!! I started off the year washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, doing laundry, and cleaning the heck out of my room. I feel great. I feel ready. And now my coworker and friend just texted me “happy new year” with a spectacular picture of fireworks.

Yesterday I saw ______ sing along to “Blank Space”! It made me feel so happy.

So it’s gonna be forever…or it’s gonna go down in flames…You can tell me when it’s over…if the high was worth the pain…Got a long list of ex-lovers…

Personally, I’ve never had an ex-lover. I have high hopes that ______ will be my first and my last. I’m starting to know all the 1989 lyrics for the concert! I wish ______ could stand next to me at the concert on August 26 but I know she’s going to multiple 1989 shows and will be standing much closer to the stage than me.

December 28, 2014 Which Should I Do?

From now on I will denote the girl whose heart I am trying to win as ________. When ________ is about to enter a room, how best can I get her to notice me? Should I walk in front so I can open the door for her? Or should I deliberately walk in front of her in order to be the first to enter?…I need to seem dangerous and red.

He’s so bad but he does it so well.

Bad boys think the risk of being viewed unfavorably by a girl is an incentive to do it. Isn’t that strange? Getting away with something (without hurting anyone and this is very important) is fun to bad boys.




Today I will see my mom for a belated holiday celebration. I began Christmas Eve with an oatmeal breakfast. Then I ran a few miles and did some abdominal workouts. Other from that I have done nothing but play video games, eat, play other games, eat, etc. That’s why I need this blog. What is so motivating is the prospect of filling it with things I can be proud of. One of those things is noticing my first Twitter follower Anya! The other thing is receiving my grades for the fall quarter. Intermediate Econ: A, Statistics for Economists: A-, Differential Equations: B. Anyhow, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year. Please comment below or email at giraffemailbox@gmail.com             twitter @giraffemailbox

December 23, 2014 HeforShe

Today I ate a HUGE plate of pasta (with Trader Joe’s microwave Bolognese sauce) at home (admittedly with some Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia Froyo)… Then from 5:15ish to 6ish pm I swam 50 lengths of one of the university pools (the small one). Soon I will begin to post my swim workouts…

But then after dinner (chicken and rice), I watched UN Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson‘s HeforShe speech. I had not seen it before. It was beautiful and it’s not exaggerating to say it changed my life.

Gender equality is something I will study in greater detail. But before tackling political, economic, and social inequality around the world, my humble mind will start with a simple example:

asking a girl out

Now in the U.S. of A., it seems like men often make the first move. Can a woman who wears makeup or dresses in an alluring way be a feminist? Is feminism prudish or sexy? I am here to tell you that a man can be a feminist too.

That’s why I took the HeforShepledge.

(Not that I’m a feminist)

About Me

Hey my name is Aaron. Welcome to my blog! This blog chronicles my life. I find that writing an honest open personal blog helps to keep me focused and motivated.

These diary pages are really about my journey to impress a girl who never seems to notice me. I cannot reveal the identity of this girl until she finally makes her choice.

In a chance encounter with a girl at an airport, a man glimpses for one moment a life of love and happiness. Then she gets lost in the crowds and he never sees her again. ”

For me, if it comes to letting her go…that’s completely alright by me. When Taylor Swift can’t find love, she just “shakes it off.”

Speaking of Taylor, both of us LOVE Taylor Swift. So this blog will be part Taylor-Swift-fan-page.

“Marry Me Juliet” is lyrics from Taylor Swift’s song “Lovestory.” I have my first-ever ticket to see her concert:

STAPLES CENTER Wednesday 8/26/2015 7:30pm Section PR 12 Row 12 Seat 15

I LOVE her new album 1989. However, while I welcome change, my hope is that Taylor will believe in “lovestories” once more.

One day, I hope to meet Taylor.

If you have Taylor Swift fan content I can post or personal advice, please share and email me at:


Twitter @giraffemailbox

In the mean time…I will begin to post my story…please stay tuned.